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Save the ArQ aims to create awareness of the significant religious, cultural, and historical presence of Armenians in Jerusalem and to encourage the revitalization of the Armenian Quarter in the Old City.

Armenians are the only people to have a Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem with the three great monotheistic faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The Armenian Quarter encompasses 1/6 of the Old City which the Armenians have inhabited since the 4th century. Save the ArQ is passionate about building and sustaining this community while promoting the Armenian life which has existed in the Old City of Jerusalem for over 1700 years.


Save the ArQ was created in response to the vast community depletion which is occurring within Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter.  Without a vital Armenian community; soon, the Armenian Quarter will cease to exist.  Over 10,000 Armenians used to live in greater Jerusalem; alas, today this number is less than 500.  No Armenian should take for granted this historical footprint bestowed upon no other people.

The Armenian past is deeply rooted in the present.  Yet, the future for the Armenian Quarter’s community cannot survive without support from Diasporan Armenians.

Save the ArQ was co-founded by Mary M. Hoogasian and Bedross Der Matossian creating an Executive Board, including Gloria Hachikian, with the aim of revitalizing Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter. This nonprofit organization launched April 17, 2009, during a private cocktail reception for Michael Aram at Chicago’s Neiman Marcus.  Since then Save the ArQ has worked relentlessly in order to raise critical awareness regarding the Armenian Quarter’s current conditions while assessing innovative ways in order to revitalize and maintain this uniquely significant Armenian presence. Through intensive lectures, panels, and fundraising events Save the ArQ intends on propagating the noteworthy aspects—both historically and presently—pertaining to Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter.

Young Friends

Young Friends of Save the ArQ is to introduce our young supporters to the vast history and culture within the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem while encouraging the significant need to help preserve and maintain the ArQ.

Current efforts are focused on raising awareness to our Young Friends who will then further educate their peers on this noteworthy area. Also, our Young Friends (over the age of sixteen) will be given a rare and unique opportunity to live within Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter. They will volunteer their time for a few weeks in order to help with restoration projects and/or work with younger students. On their off-time, they will experience all that greater Jerusalem has to offer through tours explaining both the historical and current significance of Armenians and all religious aspects intertwined in this Holy City as well as exploring Nazareth, Bethlehem, Tibereas, Jericho and the Dead Sea. Also, they will be given the rare glimpse of what it is like to live within these ancient walls while making lifetime friends with other Young Friends who partake in this program as well as the community within Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter.

We encourage Armenian Clubs at Colleges and Universities to inquire as to how they can get involved.

Board of Directors

Mary M. Hoogasian Chair

Prof. Bedross Der Matossian Co-Chair

Gloria S. Hachikian Treasurer/Secretary

  • Michael Aram
  • Carrie Nahabedian
  • Michael Nahabedian
  • Honorary Members
  • Ara Berberian—website
  • Adam Hachikian, Esq.
  • The Honorable Amy Hoogasian
  • Claudia Hoogasian, Esq.
  • Karnig Kerkonian, Esq.
  • Advisory Committee
  • André Arzoo—Los Angeles
  • Nairee Hagopian—Chicago
  • Stephanie Killian—Chicago
  • Committee

Our Supporters

Top Benefactors

  • Mr Michael Aram
  • Mr and Mrs Vahe Dombalagian
  • Dr and Mrs Gerard Goshgarian
  • Mr and Mrs Mark Hoplamazian
  • Miss Carrie Nahabedian
  • Mr Michael Nahabedian
  • Neiman Marcus—Chicago, IL


  • Mr Arman Artuc
  • Ms Jodi Barke
  • Mr and Mrs Greg Bedian
  • Mr Ara Berberian
  • Bloomingdale’s—Old Orchard, IL
  • The Rev. Christine Chakoian
  • Mr and Mrs Richard Dagdigian
  • Prof and Dr Bedross Der Matossian
  • Dr John Doumanian
  • Dr and Mrs Heratch Doumanian
  • Miss Lisa Esayian
  • Dr and Mrs Larry Farsakian
  • Mrs Melanie Madsen Freeman
  • Mr and Mrs Mark Gavoor
  • Dr and Mrs Ara Goshgarian
  • Professor Rachel Goshgarian
  • Mr Richard Goshgarian
  • Miss Houri Gueyikian
  • Mr and Mrs Kenneth Hachikian
  • Mr and Mrs Doug Haidle
  • Miss Nairee Hagopian
  • Mr and Mrs Keith Harley
  • Mrs Jack Hoogasian
  • Miss Mary Hoogasian
  • Mr Kevork Kahvedjian
  • Mr and Mrs Ruben Kahvedjian
  • Ms Jackie Kazarian
  • Mr and Mrs Edward J. Keledjian
  • Mr and Mrs Jim Keledjian
  • Mr and Mrs Karnig Kerkonian
  • Mr and Mrs Ari Killian
  • Mr and Mrs Varouj Kokuzian
  • Mr Bedros Lepejian
  • Mr and Mrs Dan Loeger
  • Mr and Mrs Peter LoMonaco
  • Professor Ann Lousin
  • Mr Onnig Madanyan
  • Mr and Mrs Arthur Manoukian
  • Mrs Harold Mardoian
  • Mr and Mrs Jack Mardoian
  • Mr and Mrs Sako Markarian
  • Mr and Mrs Jesse Matossian
  • Mr Rudy Minasian
  • Prof and Prof David Mirza
  • Mr and Mrs Mark Nahabedian
  • Miss Anna Marie Norehad
  • Ms Raelene Ohanesian
  • Ms Aida Peltekian
  • Mr and Mrs Louis Pickus
  • Dr Meline Pickus
  • Mr and Mrs Peter Rensel
  • Ms Sharon K. Stein
  • Tabula Tua—Chicago, IL
  • Mrs Madiros Tatosian
  • Oscar Tatosian
  • Mr and Mrs Krikor Tchamitchian
  • Dr and Mrs Ara Yeretsian
  • Mr and Mrs Charles Zeller

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Currently, Save the ArQ’s donations have been focused on Sts Tarkmanchatz Armenian School in order to further the children’s education for a more promising future.


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